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  • "We love working with Tyler. He brings energy and creativity to everything he does. I always recommend him and his team to anyone looking for video work."
    Michael Wieder
    Co-Founder, President & CMO
  • "Tyler hustles. He's the rare creator that has both great ideas and great execution. He understands content through and through, and works hard to execute great work."
    Randy Goldberg
    Co-Founder, Chief Brand Officer
  • "Working with Gildin Media really was a dream – we were launching a new stroller and needed a promotional video to showcase all the features. When your models are toddlers though, the day can be a little chaotic. Not to mention this was our first shoot in the city so we were nervous about the logistics. Their team did so much pre-production planning that our shoot day truly felt like a non-event. Our team was there, but to be honest we didn't do much! They were so hands on with the kids to make the day fun for all involved (and ensure the best shots!). Edits were quick and minimal - Tyler + team had the vision and we can't wait to work with them again in the future!"
    Kelley Cochran
    Head of Marketing
  • "Tyler is a pleasure to work with. He’s professional and gets it done. We love his work!"
    Melissa Ben-Ishay
    Founder, CEO
  • "Everyone at Enlightened loves to work with Gildin Media as much as we love the amazing results of our collaborations"
    Robbie Vicencio
    Creative Director, Beyond Better Foods
  • "Tyler is a professional, enthusiastic, incredibly accommodating, and a great director. We came to him with a broad idea of what we were looking for and he was able to help us refine our vision, build out a detailed shot list, and iterate through each editing phase to ensure that we were happy (thrilled, in fact) with the final result. We will definitely work with Gildin Media again!"
    Morgane Chang
    Head of Marketing & Brand
  • "Gildin Media brought a fresh and innovative perspective to our digital marketing efforts. The creation of multiple video projects was a seamless and rewarding experience. Tyler’s intuitive approach to our product and communication needs was an added benefit."
    Brian Brandes
    SVP Product Development